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Don't Rush

This past week I had the pleasure of being a "temporary mom" of two. First, I must take my hat off to every mom out there. Anyone who does what I had to do ALL THE TIME deserves way more than an “attaboy”. I just never realized how much one small human being can take out of you. Multiply that by two, and whew. My brain can't even fathom the heroes out there keeping 3+ little people in line. With cooking dinners, making sure homework is done, reminding 3 or more times to brush teeth, settling disputes, and having snuggle time, my own world quickly halted and the needs of those two hearts became a priority.

I can almost hear the "bless your heart" expressions from all the moms out there reading. I truly loved every minute of giving and serving, and this experience caused me to tap into bundles of selflessness I never realized existed. While this week showed me a minor glimpse of the joys and challenges motherhood can present, it helped me appreciate my season of life right now. I have a desire for marriage and motherhood, but I recognize that there is a great work God still needs to do in my heart for that time.

My thoughts today are simply to ask you to cherish this season. We have a natural tendency to rush through moments to get to whatever comes next. There are some people who have mentally skipped what's happening now and have already dived head first into what's coming next. There is so much to learn from our God in the changing of colors and the time of thanks. Philippians 4:11 NCV says, "I have learned to be satisfied with the things I have..." I realized I’m content with my undisturbed quiet time with God every morning for however long I'd like. And, I'm at peace with only having to feed one person right now.
Live every day of this season you are in and treasure every nugget of gold you get from it. I value my time to go out with friends, lay in bed all day, or just linger with God. The moment for other things will come, and God will ready my heart for it.

"Let patience have her perfect work, that you may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing."
– James 1:4

We persevere through each season not rush through them, because there is something God is doing to continually make us whole. Singleness still has some work towards wholeness to do in me. Until the next season comes (neither forced nor manipulated), my heart will stick to learning to persevere where it is now.


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